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Filter bags - vacuum cleaner bags
Filter Sets
Vorwerk vacuum cleaner & equipment
Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner spare parts
Vorwerk Kobold 115, 116, 117
Vorwerk Kobold 118, 119, 120, 121, 122
Vorwerk Kobold 130, 131, 131sc
Vorwerk Kobold 135, 135sc, 136
Vorwerk Kobold 140,150
Vorwerk Kobold Saugroboter VR100
Vorwerk Kobold VC100 Akkusauger
Vorwerk Kobold VG100 window cleaner
Vorwerk VK 240
Vorwerk Tiger 250, 251
Vorwerk Tiger 252
Vorwerk Tiger 260
Vorwerk Tiger 265,270
Vorwerk Elektrobrush EB 360, 370
Vorwerk Elektrobrush EB 350,351,351F
Vorwerk Elektrobrush ET 340
Vorwerk Elektrobrush ET 20,21,30,31
Vorwerk Saugwischer SP 520,530
Vorwerk Pulilux PL 515
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General Information

Insight into the Treaty text:
The contract will be filed. You can use the general terms and conditions at any time on this page. Your order details are for security and privacy reasons, not available via the Internet.

Shop Use:
After selecting a category by clicking on the corresponding term, you will find all there related article. After selecting any item you receive a product page. It contains detailed information on price and technical specifications of the product.
If you want to buy an item, press the button [Add to Cart]. over the box [number] to determine the amount. The default is one. The article is now binding on the shopping cart. The basket and its contents will be displayed on the top right. They can move freely on the sides and add items without obligation, without losing your previous purchase.
Have you finished your shopping, click on the button [Show shopping basket] in the shopping cart. Alternatively, select the menu item [cart] in the menu. Now you are once again listed all the selected items. Items can delete it or change the quantity. When you delete an item the total amount will be adjusted automatically. Have you changed the quantity, click on the button to update [Update].

Order Process:
By pressing the button [Checkout] or [pay] to go to our checkout. Registration is under the button [Login] required. Please enter your data. The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. After entering your data, select the payment method and choice of shipping will take you via the [Proceed to step 3] to the order page, where you can re-check your entries. By clicking the button [Submit Order] on the confirmation page to complete the ordering process from binding. The process can be at any time by closing the browser window or by clicking the button cancel [Back to the basket]. On the individual pages for more information, such as corrective opportunities.

Conclusion of Contract:
The presentation of products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-catalog dar By clicking the "Buy" button, enter a binding order in the basket of goods. The confirmation of your order takes place together with the acceptance of the order immediately after placing by an automated e-mail. This e-mail confirmation of the contract of sale is concluded.

You have the option to close the contract in English, German, French and Spanish.

Agreement on costs:
Make use of your right to cancel, you have to bear the cost of returning,
if the delivered goods ordered and if the price returned the case of an amount not exceeding 40 euros or if you are at a higher price the thing at the time of the revocation yet the return or a contractually agreed partial payment. Otherwise the return is free for you.

The guarantee is subject to legal provisions, whereby in case of defective goods despatch on first or 2x repair. If the repair is unsuccessful or if the product also defective, you can return the goods after consultation with the trade mission boots and refund the full purchase price or keep the goods and the purchase price.
We grant to all electric devices 24 month warranty, except this is a customer-caused personal negligence. For all other goods and services offered are intended to guarantee and warranty in accordance with legal regulations.
For guarantee or warranty claims are subject to the contested elements be returned home. After reviewing our part, and the warranty or warranty registration, the parts are reworked or replaced.
With the return you will receive your postage costs incurred refunded.

Delivery and payment:
The delivery time is 1-3 working days. Should not the supply within this time may be possible, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail account. The agreement extended delivery times at your request is possible. There is no minimum order size. From the customer requires a special delivery forms are calculated using local supplement. Otherwise, the shipping costs within Germany since 09/14/2009 generally flat only 2, - € (previously 4, - €). For COD shipments, we charge an administration fee of 6 Euro.
We are entitled to partial deliveries to a reasonable size for you. Additional shipping costs unless an explicit agreement.
With a purchase value of 30, - € we deliver free of charge within Germany.

The shipping to EU countries costs a flat rate since 01.10.2009 only 10,00 EUR (previously 14.90 euro). From an order value of 60,00 EUR We also supply all EU countries and free shipping. A cash-on-delivery is possible in the countries Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Austria. The administration fee for the cash-on-delivery to EU countries is 6.00 euros.

The worldwide shipping, and shipping to other European countries (non-EU) fixed costs 20.00 euros. From an order value of 200,00 we also supply free shipping worldwide. A cash-on-delivery is possible in the countries Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The administration fee for the cash-on-delivery to these countries is 6.00 euros.

Buyer from Germany can pay by Sofortüberweisung.de *, advance, cash or through Pay Pal. Buyer from other countries can pay by cash on Sofortüberweiung.de * or via PayPal. 01:10:09 created since the payment of a purchase order with Paypal no extra charge more!
We reserve the right in individual cases, to require upfront payment.

* enables sofortüberweisung.de you buy more than 10,000 online shops and pay for your shopping convenient and easy with your online banking account (your bank). All you need is an account number, routing number, PIN and TAN. After payment, send the online shop for the goods immediately. You need not register.

Payments by Paypal, please send hvstiefel@web.de

Loyalty Points:
For our loyal customers we have come up with something very special. You have exactly the opportunity as the spot on the stall to collect on the Internet, our HVS loyalty points. This means, for 10 €, you will get 1 reward point (eg your shopping 35Euro is, you get 3 bonus points). With 10 full loyalty points on your loyalty points collection card, you receive after submitting the trading card to: HVS, August-Bebel-Strasse 32 08233 Treuen, a 10 € voucher value. Redeem this either on site at the sales booth or contact us via email quoting the voucher number and phone number. We will then contact you and explain the process to redeem your voucher. The HVS-loyalty vouchers worth 10Euro are redeemable indefinitely and can be offset with a purchase only in name. HVS loyalty points you earn on all items that do not have their own engine. Excludes all hoses and electrical conduits.

This office has no connection to the boot company Vorwerk, Wuppertal.

In view of all electrical equipment, except accessories and spare parts is, it's "ORIGINAL VORWERK" refurbished and used demonstration. The accessories offered are usually about quality products from German and Austrian third party. The offered spare parts is usually to parts of "Original Vorwerk" Used and demonstration units. If it is part of "Original Vorwerk" Used and demonstration units will go here specifically designated in the item description on it. For articles where no evidence is available, it is new.


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